Socks For OCR - What 50 OCR Athletes Think

If you're in any/many OCR facebook groups, you'll have seen people ask about what brand of socks are best for OCR. While I personally don't think that there is any one brand that so drastically supersedes all others that it's a "must-have", I do think there are reliable brands that are smart choices.

With all of that in mind, we polled 50 random OCR athletes to ask them which socks they choose for OCR. All of the data was directly provided by our polled athletes.

Be sure to check out the SUMMARY section at the bottom for the full conclusion.

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*Important Note* We apparently underestimated just how many brands people were using on a regular basis. Thankfully, people wrote in other brands in some of the questions. So just know that one of our Top 3 choices may not be one of the survey options. P.S. Ignore any graph typos ;).

1: What brand of socks do you CURRENTLY use for training and Obstacle Course Racing?

The most important thing to note from these results is actually the relationship to the very next question and graph. You'll find that the socks that are CURRENTLY being worn are a significant deviation from what has been used.

2: Which brands have you worn in the past? (Select all that you've worn for OCR training and racing)

Here you go. Where there were only three real results in that previous question that were CURRENTLY being used, this graph shows what people have used in the past. It can be relatively safely assumed that athletes really went searching for, and potentially found, the best sock for them. Based on the data, it looks like Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour all take a steep dive and aren't generally regarded as great OCR socks.

3: How did you first learn about the brand you currently use for racing and training?

I can't remember the last time I saw a TV Ad specifically for socks, so I think that portion of the graph makes sense. Internet ads, in comparison to other methods, and based on the 50 people polled, did pretty poorly. We've found it often to be the case, based on our other survey-results articles, that people buy things that friends recommend, or that they see someone they respect using.

4: What do you like MOST about the brand you currently race and train in? Makes sure you include the brand name when commenting.

*Reviews were chosen for multiple brands. Brands that received more reviews have more reviews posted below. Many reviews were left out because they did not include what brand they were talking about; which the question specifically asked*

"Hoplite knee high compression socks keep my shins protected and are actually very comfortable!"

"Darn Tough - I love the comfort and durability of the sock. It's much nicer to wear and run in than any other sock I've owned."

"Smartwool socks keep my feet warm in the cold, cool in the heat, and keep them dry, most times I cant even tell that my feet are soaked."

"Mudgear has strong support and protection on rope climbs and Tyrolean Traverse."

"Darn Tough, thin, tough, lifetime warranty, comfortable. Ran 32 mile Killington Ultra in these, no blisters, hot spots or any other issues."