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Question: Do I need special equipment to train with Trio Fitness OCR?

Answer: You do NOT need any special equipment. We work with the resources you have available to you. We are very creative and very adaptive to everyone's circumstances.

Question: How do I cancel my training subscription? Do I have to give advanced notice? Are there any cancellation fees?

Answer: Just message us to cancel your subscription. There is no notice necessary. There are exactly $0.00 in cancellation fees (or any other fees for that matter).

Question: Is there a certain level of fitness I need to be at in order to start training with Trio Fitness OCR?

Answer: No. We will meet you wherever you are and help you build and grow your fitness as far as you're willing to go.

Question: How will I communicate with my coach after signing up?

Answer: All communication is done through our app which you will be prompted to download when you sign up. We directly message our clients. All of our clients' workouts, progress updates, forms, notes, and nutrition information are also done through the app. Of course, if we are at the same race at any point, we would be THRILLED to meet you in person and spend time together!

Question: I don't want to be an elite OCR athlete, so why do I need to pay a coach for OCR?

Answer: We completely understand that many people don't want to be top athletes, and that is perfectly fine! However, you may want to finish with a faster time, conquer that one race obstacle that has been standing in your way, or just sign-up for your first obstacle course race. OCR is different than most sports in its physical demands, so many people aren't sure how to prepare - we know how to help!

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